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C&D Technologies, genuine oem C&D Dynasty Batteries are used extensively for UPS Backup Standby Power Uninterruptible Power Supply in military, industrial, commercial and small business applications. Max Rate series UPS12-100MR, UPS12-150MR, UPS12-210MR, UPS12-300MR, UPS12-350MR, UPS12-400MR, UPS12-490MR, UPS12-490MRLP, UPS12-540MR, UPS6-620MR replacement for High Rate Max series, UPS12-100, UPS12-100FR, UPS12-140, UPS12-140FR, UPS12-170, UPS12-270FR, UPS12-200, UPS12-200FR, UPS12-225, UPS12-225FR, UPS12-270, UPS12-270FR, UPS12-310, UPS12-310FR, UPS12-370, UPS12-370FR, UPS12-475, UPS12-475FR, UPS12-530, UPS12-530FR, UPS6-620, UPS6-620FR, MR12-150, MR12-210, MR12-300, MR12-350, MR12-400, MR12-490, MR12-540, High Power Series HPS12-125, HPS12-170, HPS12-250, HPS12-290, HPS12-330. Free shipping, 3 year warranty and 10 year design life for Max Rate Series Sealed AGM Maintenance-Free batteries.

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Showing 1-12 of 495 item(s)