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Leoch genuine oem Sealed AGM Batteries are used extensively for UPS Backup Standby Power Uninterruptible Power Supply in military, industrial, commercial and small business applications. High Rate serie Flame Retardant, XP12-100FR, XP12-150FR, XP12-210FR, XP12-300FR, XP12-350FR, XP12-400FR, XP12-490FR, XP12-540FR, XP6-620FR.Pure Lead PLX12-330, PLX12-360, PLX12-420, PLX12-500, PLX12-540, PLX12-620. RFQ Request a Quote for government, commercial, installer, military, prison, hospital, data center, telecom, state, federal, county, city, medical, rack system and car audio. Free shipping, 3 year warranty for Leoch Sealed AGM Maintenance-Free 6 volt 12 volt batteries for 26ah, 27ah 32ah 33ah 34ah 35ah 36ah 54ah 55ah 56ah 70ah 72ah 75ah 76ah 78ah 80ah 82ah 85ah 88ah 90ah 92ah 94ah 95ah 100ah 105ah 110ah 115ah 118ah 119ah 129ah 130ah 131ah 135ah 139ah 140ah 141ah 142ah 143ah 145ah 150ah 151ah 152ah 154ah  155ah

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Showing 1-12 of 14 item(s)