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Lifeline Sealed AGM batteries are made in the USA. Lifeline batteries are the oem original equipment batteries for many yacht, fishing, ski, sail and speed boat water craft pleasurecraft, as well as RV recreational vehicle motor coach manufacturers. 12 volt, 6 volt and 2 volt Deep cycle battery models are GPL-L16-2V, GPL-6CT-2V, GPL-4CT-2V, GPL-31T-2V, GPL-L16T, GPL-6CT, GPL-4CT, GPL-8DA, GPL-8DL, GPL-4DA, GPL-4DL, GPL-30HT, GPL-31T, GPL-31XT, GPL-27T, GPL-24T and GPL-U1. Starting or Cranking battery models are GPL-1400T, GPL-2400T, GPL-2700T, GPL-3100T All Lifeline batteries carry a 5-year prorated warranty and a full 1 year warranty. Replace Deka Intimidator Sea Mate, Trojan, Interstate, Optima, 8A4DM, 8A8DM, 8A31DTM, 8A27M, 8A24M, 8A22NF, 8AGC2.

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Showing 1-12 of 16 item(s)