Q. Where is Wholesale Batteries Direct located?

A. Our sales offices are located in Central California (Bakersfield) and we have 4 strategically located shipping warehouses throughout the United States. We strive to get your battery to you as fast as possible.


Q. Does Wholesale Batteries Direct ship by any other means than UPS?

A. Yes. Under certain circumstances we do.


Q. Do your Sealed AGM batteries ship fully charged?

A. Although our Sealed Lead Acid batteries leave the factory fully charged, due to shipping time to our warehouses and time in transit to you, we recommend that you place the battery on a charger/maintainer overnight when it arrives. (This guarantees that the charge is topped off before use.)


Q. Does Wholesale Batteries Direct ship to P.O. boxes?

A. Only for Power Source brand motorcycle batteries such as the Lightning Start battery.


Q. Are Wholesale Batteries Direct batteries compatible with my OEM battery?

A. Yes, 100%. We are so confident in our battery products that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a full (1) YEAR Warranty.
If you are concerned with making the right choice, we are available by phone or email to assist you.


Q. How can I search for a special battery that I need for an older motorcycle?

A. Type in your make and model of your bike ie; Kawasaki ZX1100-D; "Kawasaki ZX1100-D 1993" or you can search by OEM battery part # you wish to replace ie; If you need a "Big Boar BB350RP" Replacement Battery, type in "BB450-B" you'll have a choice of 2 batteries, each with a different chemical make-up: Sealed AGM, and AGM Dry Charge. (AGM Dry Charge has an uncharged shelf life of up to 18 months)

If you're looking for Mobility Scooter Batteries for an Invacare 3G Storm Arrow, simply type in "3G Storm Arrow".

We have removed the headache of searching through page after page. Give our new Power Compatibility Search a try now!


Q. How long does it take for my order to ship?

A. If the order is received by close of one of our 4 warehouses, we generally ship same day. Your battery will ship from closest warehouse to you that has your item in stock. (We want you to get your power as soon as possible)


Q. Do you ever have any coupons or specials?

A. Yes we do, occasionally we have promotions.
In order to get receive promotional codes you must opt-in to our mailing list. We only use your email address to send you coupons and special savings or to assist you in purchase.