Fiamm 12FLX500 12 FLX 500 135ah 493wpc High Rate UPS Standby Battery


12 Volt 135 ah Fiamm 12 FLX 500 Highlite 12 FLX 500 493 watts per cell Premium Sealed AGM High Rate Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Backup Standby Flame Retardant Battery with 10 year design life and 3 year warranty for Emergency Power. Item 12FLX500

Price: $318.94

Availability: This item requires 10 minimum order quantity.

Volts 12
Chemistry Sealed AGM
Warranty 3 year
Product Width 6.85
Product Height 10.87
Product Length 13.31
Net Weight 102
Amp-Hour 135
Model FIAMM 12FLX500
Item 12FLX500
Terminal Threaded Insert .250 inch
bottom length 12.74
bottom width 6.57

Fiamm 12FLX500 12volt 135ah High Rate Flame Retardant Sealed AGM Battery with 3 year warranty replace EnerSys DataSafe 12HX505 FR 12HX500 12HX500-FR 12HX505 12HR500 FR HX500-12 FR HX505-12 FR 12HR505 FR Phoenix PHX12-440 PHX12-475 GNB Sprinter S12V500F S12V500 S12V500NG S12V500NGF C&D Dynasty UPS 12-490 MR UPS12-490MRX UPS12-475 FR MR12-490 EnerSys DataSafe Deka 31HR5000 31HR5000S CSB HRL122500W FR Eaton Powerware PWHR12500W4FR BAT-0101 BAT-0101C NorthStar NSB12-475 AlphaCell SMU-HR 12-100 Douglas SafeGuard DSU12-500 DG12-450 DGU12-450 DSN12-125 Interstate Concerto Marquis Q3000 HSL3000 HSL3000FR Power Battery PRC-12150 PRC-12150C TC-12150 TC-12150C PRC-12140 PRC-12140C TC-12140 TC-12140C Werker WKA12125C/FR WKA12-125C/FR SLAHR12-125C/FR Duracell Ultra SLAA12-125C/FR DURA12-125C/FR Power Source WXP12-490 FR Discover DT12-5200 BB MPL135-12 12FLB500 Full River HGHL12540W Leoch XP12-490 XP12-490FR Power Sonic PG-12V140 FR PHR-12500 PS-121400 FR Vision HF12-600W UNA12-500 Haze UPS475 Ritar RA12-145H Gruber 58EGPS-12-140-P 118ah 127ah 128ah 129ah 130ah 131ah 132ah 133ah 134ah 135ah 139ah 140ah 141ah 142ah 143ah 145ah 150ah

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