600cca 30ah Lightning Start Battery replaces 66010-97C for Harley

600cca 30ah Lightning Start Battery replaces 66010-97C for Harley


12 Volt 30 Ah Sealed AGM 600 cold cranking amps Lightning Start Battery upgrades oem 66010-97D, 66010-97E, 66010-97C, 66010-97A, 66010-97B, 66010-97 with more starting power. Item 01-366PHD

Price: $159.95

Availability: The newest version Lighting Start battery is NOW IN STOCK!

Volts 12
Chemistry Sealed
Polarity | - ||||| + |
CCA 600
Warranty 1 year
Product Width 5.06
Product Height 6.87
Product Length 6.56
Net Weight 22.7
Amp-Hour 30
Model Power Source WPX30L-LS Lightning Start (66010-97C)
Compatibility OEM compatible replacement battery
Item 01-366PHD
Terminal Included Harley terminal hardware for flush front or top mount.

14 Volt 30 Ah Lightning Start 600 cca Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery upgrades the original Harley Davidson OEM 66010-97C, 66010-97B, 66010-97A, 66010-97D, 66010-97E, 66010-97 battery with more starting power and full compatibility. Item 01-366PHD also replaces UBVT-2, BB1000, HVT-2, YIX30L, YTX30L, UIX30L, ETX30L, BIX30L, 30L-BS, CTX30L, CIX30L, GIX30L, CYIX30L-BS, FAYIX30L, M7230L, 30LBS, PIX30L, WP30-12RNE, XTA30L, XTA30L-BS, X2-30LA, YUAM7230L.

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