Pride Mobility Jazzy 610, 1107 Mighty Battery


12Volt 35Ah U1 AGM (requires 2 batteries) Wheelchair Mobility Power Chair Battery for Pride Mobility Jazzy 610, 1107 Mighty. Item D5722

Price: $75.95

Volts 12
Chemistry Sealed AGM
Warranty 1 year
Product Width 5.16
Product Height 7.13
Product Length 7.68
Net Weight 23.15
Amp-Hour 35
Model UB12350 (Group U1)
Compatibility This battery is NOT manufactured by PRIDE MOBILITY but is a 100% compatible factory fresh substitute for the original battery from your mobility equipment.
Item D5722
Terminal L-Blade
Pride Mobility Jazzy 610 and 1107 Mighty 12Volt, 35Ah U1 Wheelchair Battery also replaces BATLIQ1001, BATLIQ1008, BATLIQ1014, BATLIQ1017, MU-1 SLD M, MU-1 SLD A, UB12350, 6-FM-33, DCM0035L, SLA1155, 6-GFM-33, 6-GFM-35.

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