12 V, 200 Ah 4D Deep Cycle AGM RV Recreational Battery UB-4D


12 V, 200 Ah 4D Deep Cycle AGM RV Battery UB-4D replaces the original OEM battery from your RV Recreational Vehicle Motor Coach. Item 45965

Price: $499.95( Price for minimum order of 2 units: $999.90 )

Availability: This item requires 4 minimum order quantity.

You must order at least: 2 quantity of this product
Volts 12
Chemistry Sealed AGM
Warranty 1 year
Product Width 8.11
Product Height 9.65
Product Length 20.75
Net Weight 123.46
Amp-Hour 200
Model Universal Power UB-4D
Item 45965
Terminal L-Blade

12 volt 200 ah Group UB-4D Sealed AGM Maintenance-Free Battery with L-Blade terminals by Universal Power for Solar, SCADA, Aerial Lift, RV, Recreational Vehicle, Marine, Boat, Yacht, Generator, Emergency Backup. Replacement for oem Astrolight, Auto Pride, Barracuda, BB, CarQuest, Caterpillar, Centennial, CGB, CooPower, Dahua, Deka, Discover, Enduring, Energy Power, Fiamm, FirstPower, FullForce, FullRiver, Haze, IBT, JLG, Jolt Sota, Leoch, Lifeline, Long, Lumos, MagnaPower, MGM OD, Huitong, MK Battery, Neata, Palma, Power Kingdom, Power Sonic, Power Source, PowerStar, Ritar, SBS Storage Battery Systems, Sunnyway, SunXtender, Tempest, Topin, Toyo, Trojan, Tysonic, U.S. Battery, Union, Universal Power, Vision, WalMart, Yuasa, Genesis, EnerSys, Zeus PowerCell. Replaces oem 4DAGM, A4D, SB200-12, BP200-12, BPL210-12, NG4D, 250-0483, CB4D-AGM, CB122000, CB122000B, CBL122000, CP12-200, DHB12-200, DHB12-200DC  , 8A4D, 8A4DLTP, 4DA, D121800, D122000, D122000D, D4DA, CB200-12, EP-SLA12-200L, FG2M009, LFP12200, FFD200-12, DC180-12, DC210-12, HGHL12770W, HGL200-12, HGL210-12, HZP12-200, BT200-12, 7016176, 70010546, XSA122000, LP12-200, DJM12200, LPL12-200, LPS12-200, LPS12-230, GPL-4DL, WPL200-12N, GP122000, SLIA4D, HT122000, ES200-12, NT12-200, PM200B, PK12-200, PK200D-12, PG-12V200-FR, PS-122000, WP200-12, PS200-12, DC12-200, RA12-200, RA12-200D, S12V200, SW122000, PVX-12210L, TR220-12, TPD12-200, 6GFM200, 4D-AGM, TY-12-200, TY-12-185, AGM 4D, MX-122000, UB-4D, 6FM200, 6FM200S, 6FM200H, 6FM200SH, SCP122000, ES-4D, NP200-12, PC200-12, 165ah, 180ah, 198ah, 200ah, 205ah, 210ah, 214ah, 220ah, 226ah, 12V165AH, 12V180AH, 12V198AH, 12V200AH, 12V205AH, 12V210AH, 12V214AH, 12V220AH, 12V226AH with full 1 year warranty.

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