WB12550 Sealed AGM 22NF Battery 12 volt 55 ah Weida

WB12550 Sealed AGM 22NF Battery 12 volt 55 ah Weida


12 volt 55 ah Weida WB12550 SLA Sealed AGM 22NF Battery. Item WB12550 NB

Price: $123.95

Volts 12
Chemistry Sealed AGM Maintenance-Free
Warranty 1 year
Product Width 5.43
Product Height 8.98
Product Length 9.02
Net Weight 34.75
Amp-Hour 55
Model Weida WB12550 NB
Compatibility Geniune Weida oem Sealed AGM SLA Battery is also a compatible replacement for various brands.
Terminal Z Post

12 volt 55 ah Group 22NF Sealed AGM Maintenance-Free Battery Z-Post Terminals by Weida for Emergency Lighting, Alarm System, UPS backup, Mobility and Recreational Scooter, Apollo Gate Opener, Solar. Replacement for oem AGT, ABT, Amstron, BB, Battery Center, Brooks Equipment, Power Rite, Casil, C&D Dynasty, CBG, CooPower, Crown, CSB, Prism, Dahua, Deka Voltex, Discover, Duracell, Eagle Picher Carefree, Enduring, Energy Power, Excel, Exide Powerfit, Fire Lite, Honeywell, Gamewell, Notifier, FirstPower, Generac, NAPA, GS Portalac, Guardian Douglas, IBT, Interstate, Power Patrol, Jasco, Jolt Sota, Leoch, Long, Lumos, MGM OD, Huitong, MK Battery, Mule Lighting, National Battery, Neata, Peak Energy, Power Kingdom, Power Sonic, PowerCell, Rhino, Ritar, Sail, Siemens Fire Safety, Simplex Grinnell, SPS Sigma, Sunbright SBB, Sunnyway, Tempest, Topin, Toyo, Transcontinental, Batteries Unlimited, Tysonic, UltraTech, Union, Universal Power, Werker, Yuasa, Genesis, EnerSys, Zeus, Unipower. Replaces oem LA12550, RTG12-55, AP12-55, AP12-55D, MPL55-12, BC-12550, PRB1255NB, CA12550, DCS-50U, DCS-50L, MPS12-50, CB12550, CP12-55, 12CE55, EVX12520, GH12500, DHB12550, DHB12-55DC, VG22NF, 8A22NF, D12550, D12550D, CF-12V55G, 6GFM55, CB55-12, EP-SLA12-55L, XL-22NF, 12V55AH, ES22NF, BAT12550, LFP1250, PE12V60H, DG12-55, DG12-55UTH, BT55-12, DCM0055U, SLA1165, RB12550, XSA12550, DJW12-55, LP12-55, DJM12-55, WP55-12, WP22NF-55, 22NF245C, 22NF305C, SP55-12, GP12550, HT12550, M22NF SLD A, PM12550, NB12-55, NT12-55, NTD12-55, PK12V60H, PK55-12, PKD55-12, PS-12550, PS-12550U, PDC-12600, PC12620, SLA55-12, DC12-55, 6-GFM-55, BTX-2 175-083898 (requires TWO batteries), 2081-9296, STR112-136, SG12550T9, 6-GFM-50, SW12550, TR55-12, TPD12-55, 6GFM55, YB12550, SL12550, TY-12-55, UT12550, IM12550, UT-12550 NB, IM-12550 NB, MX-12600, UB12550, UB12550FR, ES22NF, 0J7899S, WKA12-55P, WKA12-55P/FR, WKDC12-55P, DURDC12-55P, NP55-12, NP55-12FR, PC55-12 NB, B00611, B00333, B00235, BW12550-NB, BW12550DC-NB, 12v 52 ah, 53 ah, 54 ah, 55 ah, 56 ah, 60 ah with full 1 year warranty.

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