1982 Yamaha Maxim XJ 1100 XJ1100J Conventional Motorcycle Battery


12 Volt 20 Ah SU50-N18L-AT Conventional Battery replaces the original BTG-GM18Z-3A-S0, FB50-N18L-A2 battery for your 1982 Yamaha Maxim XJ 1100 XJ1100J Motorcycle. Item 42538

Price: $79.95

Volts 12
Chemistry Conventional Lead Acid (Wet Pack)
Polarity | - ||||| + |
CCA 260
Warranty 1 year
Product Width 3.58
Product Height 6.34
Product Length 8.09
Net Weight 13.23
Amp-Hour 19
Model SU50-N18L-AT (SY50-N18L-AT)
Compatibility This battery is NOT manufactured by YAMAHA but is a 100% compatible factory fresh substitute battery.
Item 42538

This conventional lead acid power sport battery is shipped dry and must be activated and charged before installation. (It is a wet-type battery where the included acid must be added into the battery before installation. May need periodic refilling.) The battery acid is included and does not need to be purchased separately. Non HAZMAT. All of our batteries are factory fresh substitutes for the original OEM battery and are designed to meet or exceed the original batterys specifications.

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