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Phantom LifePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Lightweight Batteries by Adventure Power with Shorai Technology for motorcycle, ATV Quad, UTV Side x Side, Jet Ski, Snowmobile, Scooter with more power, less weight and less charging time required.


Phantom LifePO4 Lithium Power Sport Batteries APP07L2-BS12, APP09A2-BS12, APP09L2-BS12, APP12A1-BS12, APP14A1-BS12, APP14A2-BS12, APP14A4-BS12, APP14A5-BS12, APP14L2-BS12, APP14L5-BS12, APP18A1-BS12, APP18A2-BS06, APP18L1-BS12, APP18L2-BS06, APP21A6-BS12, APP21L6-BS12, APP24A3-BS12, APP24L3-BS12, APP27A3-BS12, APP27L3-BS12, APP36A3-BS12, APP36L3-BS12. Also known as Shorai LFX07L2-BS12, LFX09A2-BS12, LFX09L2-BS12, LFX12A1-BS12, LFX14A1-BS12, LFX14A2-BS12, LFX14A4-BS12, LFX14A5-BS12, LFX14L2-BS12, LFX14L5-BS12, LFX18A1-BS12, LFX18A2-BS06, LFX18L1-BS12, LFX18L2-BS06, LFX21A6-BS12, LFX21L6-BS12, LFX24A3-BS12, LFX24L3-BS12, LFX27A3-BS12, LFX27L3-BS12, LFX36A3-BS12, LFX36L3-BS12. Replace oem Yuasa, Yacht, Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki, Wal Mart, Interstate, BikeMaster, Yacht motorcycle, ATV quad, scooter, jet ski PWC, snowmobile, scooter battery.


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