GNB Sprinter UPS Backup Batteries 

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GNB Sprinter Industrial Power genuine oem Sealed AGM Batteries are used extensively for UPS Backup Standby Power Uninterruptible Power Supply in military, industrial, commercial and small business applications. High Rate series S12V120F Flame Retardant, S12V120, S12V170F, S12V170, S12V285F, S12V285, S12V300F, S12V300, S12V370F, S12V370, S12V500F, S12V500, S12V550NGF, S12V550NG, S6V740F, S6V740. RFQ Request a Quote for government, commercial, installer, military, prison, hospital, data center, telecom, state, federal, county, city, medical, rack system. Free shipping, 3 year warranty and 10 year design life for GNB Industrial Power Sprinter Sealed AGM Maintenance-Free batteries.