12v 9ah 36 Watt HPS12-36W FR High Rate Flame Retardant UPS Battery

12v 9ah 36 Watt HPS12-36W FR High Rate Flame Retardant UPS Battery


12v 9ah Vision 36 Watt HPS12-36W FR High Rate Flame Retardant SLA Sealed AGM UPS Battery F2 .250 terminals replaces HR 1234W F2. Item HPS12-36W FR

Price: $24.95

Volts 12
Chemistry Sealed AGM Maintenance-Free
Warranty 1 year
Product Width 2.56
Product Height 3.7
Product Length 5.94
Net Weight 5.78
Amp-Hour 9
Model Vision HPS12-36WFR
Compatibility Geniune Vision oem Sealed AGM SLA Battery is also a compatible replacement for various brands.
Terminal Fasten Tab - F2 .250 inch

12 volt 9 ah 36 watt Fasten Tab F2 .250 terminals High Rate Flame Retardant Sealed AGM Maintenance-Free Battery by Vision is specially designed for backup applications requiring high power output. Can deliver up to 40% more power than standard AGM batteries for UPS Backup, Electric Scooter, Medical Equipment, Standby Power, Rechargeable Lantern, Flashlight, Stair Lift. Replacement for oem APC, Alpha Technologies Alpha Cell, BB, CSB, CGB, Eaton Powerware, Eagle Picher Carefree, Enduring, Exide, Fiamm, FirstPower, FullRiver, Grainger, GS Portalac, Haze, Hitachi, Shin Kobe, Interstate, Power Patrol, IBT, Leoch, Long, MK, National Battery, Panasonic, Power Battery, Power Kingdom, Power Sonic, Ritar, SBS Storage Battery Systems, Sigmas, SunBright, Sunnyway, Tempest, Tripp Lite, Tysonic, Universal Power Group, Vision, Werker, Yuasa, Genesis, EnerSys, DataSafe, Unipower. Replaces oem HP12-50W, RBC17, SMU-HR 12-9, 181-220-10, HR9-12, HR9-12FR, HR8-12, HR8-12FR, BP8-12, BP8-12FR, BP9-12, BP9-12FR, HR1234W F2, HR1234W F2FR, NSN 6140-01-585-0696, HRL1234W F2, HRL1234W F2FR, HR1236W, HRL1236W, PWHR1234W2FR, 58700036-001, BAT-0489, HE12V7.7FR, CB8-12HR, EP1234W, EP9-12H, 12FGH36, PX12090, FP1290HR, HGHL1235W, 4RU11, HZS12-9, HP9-12, SLA0141, SLA1088, BT8.5-12HR, BT7-12HC, LXP12-9.0, UP1270W, WP1236W, ES9-12FR, ES9-12 T2, NB12-9HR, UP-RW1245P1, UPRW1245P-250, LC-R129PU1, LC-R129P1, UP-VW1245P1, UP-RW1236P1, LC-R129CH1, PM12-8.0, PA12-8.0, PS9P-12, PSH-1280FR, PSH-1280F2 FR, PS-1290 F2, RT1290H, UPS12-35WFR, SP12-9HR, 6-FM(H)-9, SW1234W, TH1234W, TH1235W, RBC51, HR1236W, HRL1236W, UB1290 F2, UB1290HR, CP1290, WKA12-9F2, NPX-35, NPX35-FR, NPX-35FR, NPX-L35, NPX-L35FR, NP9-12T, NP9-12TFR, NPW45-12, NPW45-12FR, REW45-12, REW45-12FR, B00644, B00651, B00339, 12v, 7 ah, 7.0 ah, 7.2 ah, 7.5 ah, 7.6 ah, 8 ah, 8.0 ah, 8.2 ah, 8.5 ah, 9 ah, 9.0 ah with full 1 year warranty.

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