UBVT-8 Motorcycle Battery replaces 65948-00A for Harley


12 Volt 12 Ah UBVT-8 Heavy Duty Sealed AGM Battery for Harley Motorcycle with flush front mount terminals. Item 42030

Price: $81.95

Volts 12
Chemistry Sealed AGM Maintenance-Free
Polarity | + ||||| - |
CCA 200
Warranty 1 year
Product Width 3.43
Product Height 5.71
Product Length 5.87
Net Weight 10.58
Amp-Hour 12
Model Adventure Power UBVT-8 (YTX14-BS 65948-00)
Compatibility OEM compatible replacement battery by Adventure Power
Terminal Flush front mount.
12 Volt 12 Ah UBVT-8 Heavy Duty Sealed AGM Battery replaces the original Harley Davidson Motorcycle OEM 65948-00A, 65948-00 battery with full compatibility. Flush front mount terminals. Item 42030 also replaces GTX14-BS, YTX14-BS, YTX14, DTX14-BS, UBVT-8, ETX14, 14-BS, UB14-B, BB314RP, BB314-RP, BTX14-BS, BTX14H-BS, BTX14-4, MS12-14-BS, 12V14-B, CTX14-BS, 2113-0009, SC14-FA, FTX14-BS, GTX14, HTX14-BS, HVT-8, CTX14H-BS FA, CYTX14-BS, CYTX14H-BS, FAYTX14, SW14BS, KTX14-BS, MTX14-BS, ZTX14-BS, 2113-0050, CBTX14BS, 740-1886, M3RH4S, RTX14-BS, PTX14-BS, PTX14BS-FS, KMX14-BS, 44017, 12V14-B, ES14BS, ES14-BS, XTAX14-BS, YUAM7RH4S.

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